season [sē′zən]
[ME sesoun < OFr seson < VL satio, season for sowing < L, a sowing, planting < base of serere, to sow: see SEED]
1. any of the four arbitrary divisions of the year, characterized chiefly by differences in temperature, precipitation, amount of daylight, and plant growth; spring, summer, fall (or autumn), or winter
2. a time or part of the year during which a specified kind of agricultural work is done or a specified kind of weather prevails [the harvest season, the rainy season]
3. the time when something specified flourishes, develops, takes place, or is popular, permitted, or at its best [the opera season, the hunting season]
4. a period of time [a slack season in business]
5. the suitable, fitting, or convenient time
6. the period of time during which a specified festival or holiday occurs [the Christmas season]
7. [< the v.] Obs. something that seasons
[ME sesonen, aphetic < MFr assaisonner, to season, orig., to ripen < a- (< L ad-), to + saison]
1. to make (food) more tasty by adding salt, spices, etc.
2. to add zest or interest to [to season a lecture with humor]
a) to make more suitable for use; improve the quality of, as by aging, drying, etc.; cure; mature [to season lumber]
b) to give (an athlete, actor, etc.) experience to increase skill [many tours seasoned him as an actor]
4. to make used to; accustom; inure; acclimate [seasoned to a hard life]
5. to make less harsh or severe; temper; soften [discipline seasoned with kindness]
to become seasoned, as wood by drying
for a season
for a while
in good season
early enough
in season
1. available fresh for use as food: said of fruits, vegetables, seafood, etc.
2. at the legally established time for being hunted or caught: said of game
3. in or at the suitable or proper time
4. in good season; early enough
5. in heat: said of animals
out of season
not in season

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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